Charlotte Lawrence Brings Young Energy to Great Scott

November 15, 2018 | By Russell MacQuarrie, Photos by Audrey Berlin

Standing at the entrance of Great Scott in Allston on Nov. 14, one couldn’t help but feel thrilled about the night to come. Entering through a pair of weathered, wooden doors, Great Scott seemed to carry a sense of history in its exposed brick walls. An energy filled the room, with every member of the audience talking about 18-year-old rising pop artist Charlotte Lawrence. It’s a very specific crowd that listens to her music; the young, hip, indie youth. A crowd of these twenty-somethings began to gather around the platform in the venue as the lights dimmed, indicating that the performance was about to start.


Photos by Audrey Berlin

The opening act, Chloe Lilac, performed a number of songs. Her heartfelt voice and deep, resonating tracks evoked the sort of teenage angst that so many rising indie pop sensations hope to grasp in their music. Lilac swayed to the addictively melancholy beats of her music, and the audience couldn’t help but collectively sway and nod along with her.


After a short break, the stage lights faded out, and the headlining performance began. Even before Charlotte Lawrence’s set started, the excitement in the venue was palpable, as fans expressed their adoration for her music. As the stage lit up, Lawrence stepped out in front of the crowd wearing a logo-ed hoodie, black high-waisted jeans, and a heavy-looking gold chain. Lawrence was a natural performer, enthusiastically swinging her hips to the beat of her tracks and flipping her hair while she sang some of her hits including “I Bet” and “Just the Same” off of her 2018 EP “Young,” as well as her song “Psychopath,” in which she collaborated with Nina Nesbitt and Sasha Sloan. 


Photos by Audrey Berlin

Halfway through the performance, Lawrence slowed it down with an unreleased acoustic song and a cover of the Killers’ hit single, “Mr. Brightside,” taking a break from her more upbeat, pop tracks, which dominated the majority of her set. Lawrence finished the show with a few more songs from her album, “Young.” She ended the show with her recently released single “Stole Your Car,” which sent the crowd into a frenzy. A flurry of iPhones rose to the air as the audience recorded her grand finale. Everyone in the venue, from those that recently discovered her to those that knew her songs inside and out, threw caution to the wind as they belted the catchy chorus of her popular song. In that moment, Great Scott felt exactly as great as it should be.


One of Lawrence’s standout qualities as a performer has to do with the intimate way in which she talks to her audience members during her sets. Between performances, she talked to her fans, giving backstory and insight into her songwriting process. At one point, she requested that everyone raise their middle fingers during her song and, later, she joked about her inability to dance, eliciting laughs from the audience. All of these flourishes felt personal rather than overly rehearsed, making the overall experience feel super relaxed and fun.


Lawrence’s honesty and earnestness contributes a personality to her music that is undeniable. After the concert, Lawrence was found outside of the venue hugging one of her fans and thanking them for supporting her music, before getting ushered onto her tour bus. The young artist clearly connects with her audience, as at the close of the show devoted fans flocked to her merch table and could be heard asking each other when she’d be back performing in Boston. Lawrence’s ability to connect with the youth, combined with her unique perspective, catchy beats, and edgy aesthetic definitely makes her one to watch in the music industry.