COIN's Performance at Paradise Rock Club: Worth Every Penny

February 15, 2018 | By Alexa Portigal, Photos by Sophie Cannon

Photos by Sophie Cannon

Paradise Rock Club was jam packed the night of Feb. 13, with audience members both young and old trying to push their way to the stage to catch a glimpse of COIN, or at least frontman Chase Lawrence. 


Lawrence, who sings lead vocals, was joined by backup vocalist Joe Memmel, bass guitarist Zachary Dyke and drummer Ryan Winnen, as they immediately hit the stage with a bang, rocking out to their 2018 hit song, “Growing Pains.”


This Indie-pop/rock band was formed in Nashville, but country music is the furthest thing from their sound. Their effortlessly messy style and boyish good looks commanded the room, exuding confidence as they played like no one was watching. 


“Here we are trying our best in Boston, Massachusetts,” Lawrence shouted after playing “Run,” a throwback song featured on their 2015 album. 


Amidst the drums and electric guitars on stage, the focalpoint was the use of a synthesizer, standing by Lawrence’s side the entirety of the concert. It elevated the vocals of the band, as well as created beats and looped sounds together that helped the show transition from one song to the next.

Although they weren’t very talkative on stage, they didn’t need words to connect to the audience. Their high energy spoke to the crowd and made fans feel more connected to the music. Lawrence never kept his feet on the ground for long, bouncing and head-banging around the stage as if it were a heavy metal concert. He climbed on box speakers, grabbed fans’ posters, and furiously whipped his hair around while playing song after song. 


Ombré hues and interspersed video clips projected behind the band, tastefully and not over-stimulating the audience. Every graphic fit with its prospective song, never retracting from the band’s performance. Rainbow lights flashed during “Time Machine,” while elementary school yearbook photos appeared during “Growing Pains.” 


Moments of vulnerability and gratitude shone throughout the night. The band stopped playing in the middle of “I Would,” to express nostalgia for their musical journey. And before playing “Views,” which Lawrence said was a song about love, they took a moment to thank the crowd.


“We’ve been gone from Boston for eight months, so thanks for remembering us.”


The Aces, a four-women alternative rock band from Utah, opened for COIN and shone just as brightly. Cristal Ramirez, vocalist and guitar player, moved about the stage dancing and hair-flipping, her energy infectious. The song “Volcanic Love” was a huge hit among the crowd, with epic guitar riffs and powerful belting was met with clapping and dancing from the audience, even when testing out new material on the audience, a preview to their April 6 record.