Cold War Kids Play to a Sold Out Crowd at House of Blues

February 8, 2020 | By Avital Brodski

Photos by Avital Brodski

American indie-rock band Cold War Kids energized a diverse audience at House of Blues on Feb. 1. The band started performing out of California in 2004 and, since then, has mesmerized people from all walks of life. Their sound has naturally evolved from blues-infused punk to alternative rock. With hits such as First and Hang Me Up to Dry, Cold War Kids has attracted a mass following of both young and old fans. Recently, they released an album titled New Age Norms 1, which is meant to be the first part of an upcoming album trilogy.


With an electric opening by the female duo Overcoats, the audience was ready to rock. As the stage went black, an overture played to hype up the audience for what was to come. Finally, Cold War Kids came out. The band allowed a few seconds to pass, giving fans the opportunity to release some of their excited screaming, before opening with their well-known song Love is Mystical, a track off of L.A. Divine. They then went on to perform another one of their older songs, Miracle Mile, featured on Dear Miss Lonelyhearts, and followed it with a song from their newer album Complainer


No single album dominated the night, as they played a mix of songs from all of their past seven albums — from Coffee Spoon, an older song that they just started to play live again, to Who's Going to Love Me Now, which they had never played live before. Lead singer Nathan Willet said the band definitely felt a “special connection” between themselves and the Boston audience.

Photos by Avital Brodski

The band had a dynamic stage presence, and sometimes even danced from one side of the stage to the other. The band members loved to get close to each other, as if to feel each other’s passion as they played. Although Willett was sitting down at a piano for Fourth of July, a song off of New Age Norms 1, he was still able to enthral the crowd and make them dance. While playing Mexican Dogs, a track off Loyalty to Loyalty, the audience started clapping along and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs.


After Mexican Guns, Willett rushed the rest of the band off of the stage, mellowing out the audience by playing Beyond the Pale, a song off of New Age Norms 1, on his own at the piano. During the performance, the audience got a surprise when opener Overcoats came onstage to provide backup vocals. Cold War Kids went on to perform Restless, off of L.A. Divine, during which Willett got up close and personal with the audience by squatting down and reaching out to them. After holding a few hands, he got back up and transitioned into Calm Your Nerves, a song on New Age Norms 1


After playing a few more tracks, the night ended with the band’s most well-known song, First. It was only the first of three other songs played as an encore. As they closed with two of their older songs, the crowd sang along and danced together in unison — a strong end to a lively night.

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