Frequently Asked Questions

How is Artistry formatted?

Our magazine is split up into 4 sections: Art, Music, Screen, and Stage. Our writers write the article, photographers and illustrators create visuals for our articles


When are pitch meetings?

Our pitch meetings are typically on the first Wednesday of the month at 7PM.


Where are pitch meetings held?

All of our Fall 2020 pitch meetings will be held online over Zoom.


Do you produce a print issue?

Yes, we produce a print issue on a semester basis.


Do I need writing/design/photography experience?

No! Anyone with or without experience can pick up a writing or creative pitch. Our editors and heads will work with you for any edits


Can I pick up multiple pitches from different sections?

Yes! No one is confined to a single section when picking up pitches.


How can I get more involved with Artistry?

Click on our 'Get Involved' tab to join our email list for club updates and to see any opportunities to join our E-board.




Will there be any in-person pitch meetings?

No, we will be holding all of our Fall 2020 pitch meetings online over Zoom.


Do I need to be on campus/in Boston to be a part of Artistry?

No! We will be hosting our meetings online and incorporating pitches that don't require members to be in Boston.