Daniel Caesar’s Seductive Vocals Shine at House of Blues

September 26, 2019 | By Juliana Tuozzola

R&B phenomenon Daniel Caesar graced the stage at House of Blues on Sept. 23, with heavenly vocals and an undeniably seductive, yet soothing energy. The minimalistic visuals and lack of additional performers allowed for Caesar’s artistry, emotion, and talent to be on full display. It was as though the entire room experienced a synchronized spiritual awakening as he performed.

Mikayla Simpson, better known as Koffee, set the vibe for the night by opening the show with her lively presence and empowering reggae style. The audience swayed along to rhythmic beats and relished in the contagious, positive energy that she emitted. After performing her original song Haffi Make It, Koffee explained its meaning: “It’s basically a cry. No matter what we have to do in life, we have to keep going, we have to make it.”

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Photos Courtesy of The Purple Agency

The anticipation for the CASE STUDY 01 tour built up in the crowd, as the bright venue turned to complete darkness. Suddenly, all that could be heard was Caesar’s voice from a distance, singing soft and enchanting vocals from the beginning of his song, CYANIDE. A white, atmospheric light shone solely in the middle of the stage, and Caesar walked as if he was on a path, perhaps alluding to religious undertones.


His band performed with him live while standing behind a semi-sheer backdrop. This created a sense of awareness that they were contributing to the musicality, but overall, Caesar’s talents were the sole focus. Caesar’s stylish yet extremely casual outfit appeared to communicate that his music is to be experienced deep within, and that flashy gimmicks, dancers, or other potential distractions are unnecessary for him to perform his art.

Caesar performed LOVE AGAIN, OPEN UP, and COMPLEXITIES off his second studio album titled, CASE STUDY 01. The audience sang along to these beloved tracks as Caesar moved back and forth on the stage. The lighting projected an array of blues, purples, greys, and whites. The spirit in the room was magnetic, and hearing Caesar sing his profoundly poetic lyrics aloud clearly affected the audience.  


To contribute to his relaxed, rhythmic set, Caesar performed Best Part, which is a song he collaborated on with R&B sensation H.E.R. He encouraged the crowd to turn their phone lights on and sway back and forth in conjunction with one another. He said, “Let me see you, Boston. Let me see those lights.” Caesar demonstrated his talent as an instrumentalist by playing guitar during his set and standing directly in the center of the stage, which created an intimate and  emotional atmosphere. 


Caesar’s performance tampered with themes of sexuality, love, and sorrow. Dark visuals of dancing nude figures appeared behind him as he sang Get You. The song is intimate by nature, but his performance expressed the raw complexity and potential darkness in loving someone and feeling like they are all you need. He hypnotized the audience with his smooth vocals, as he continued with his set and sang Blessed.


“Boston, thank you for coming out and showing love tonight,” Caesar said as he lifted the guitar strap off of his shoulder and left the stage. Everyone was hesitant to approach the exit, hoping that he would appear for an encore.


The crowd, still enticed, shouted their love for Daniel. In one seemingly candid moment, Caesar appeared back on stage and asked his band to return as well. He completed his set with Japanese Denim and followed with Entropy