grandson Had the Crowd "Fallin"at Brighton Music Hall

March 25, 2019 | By Claudia Hurtado, Photos by Avital Brodski

Brighton Music Hall was filled with energy on the night of Mar. 16, as Jordan Edward Benjamin, who is known professionally as grandson, commanded the stage with his alternative rock music. Following the 2018 release of his debut album, “A Modern Tragedy Vol. 1,”  grandson’s popularity skyrocketed. He doesn’t hesitate to use his music as a platform for sharing his beliefs and values, as many of his songs touch upon socio-political issues, such as corruption in the government and gun control.


Photos by Avital Brodski

The night began with openers BarlowLN,  who had the crowd swaying as they performed their chill indie music, playings songs that have yet to be officially released. They were followed by up-and-coming artist Des Rocs, whose alternative-rock style had the audience jumping and dancing along to the different rhythms.

The venue was filled with anticipation as the audience waited for grandson to take the stage. Red lights flashed on stage, and the moment grandson stepped out, the crowd started to shout with excitement. The set opened with “Stigmata,” a single from his recently released album “A Modern Tragedy Vol. 2.”  He danced as he sang, all the fans in the audience jumping along to the fast-paced beats of the songs. He performed “6:00” next, moving around the stage and gesturing to the audience as he sang. He followed this with “Kiss Bang” and “Overdose,” and both songs had fans in the crowd cheering. He then played “Darkside,” another hit off his most recent album. “Thoughts and Prayers,” a song grandson wrote following the Parkland shooting, was performed next. The audience members, ranging from children with their grandparents to college students, sang the heavy and meaningful lyrics in unison. The heavy bass in the next song, “Bury Me Face Down,” had the fans nodding their heads to the beat. He then performed his single “Best Friends,” followed by “Is This What You Wanted,” and “Falling (Temptation),” two more songs off his new album. The crowd was receptive to grandson’s erratic dancing, and he encouraged the audience members to follow his lead and form a mosh pit in front of the stage.


Photos by Avital Brodski

He then played “Despicable,” and the moment the beat dropped, the lights flashed and the energy felt in the room was limitless. “Stick Up,” was performed next, grandson commanding the audience to jump, shouting “One, two, three, jump!” as every member of the audience began jumping to his voice. He followed this high energy song with another one of his hit singles, “Apologize,” then ended the night with his most popular songs, “Blood in the Water,” which has been featured on multiple Billboard Music Award charts. The lights onstage flashed a bright red as grandson belted out the lyrics, as all the fans in the crowd shouted along with him.  

There was still a thick cloud of energy and excitement in the room as grandson left the stage. Although the show was over, the night still felt very young.