Illiterate Light and Camp Howard at Great Scott

February 6, 2020 | By Cali Cardenas

Illiterate Light, comprised of Jeff Gorman and Jake Cochran, rocked the stage of their sold-out show at Allston’s Great Scott. The intimacy of the venue worked in the duo’s favor and created an electric atmosphere filled with excited fans. The band’s music is the perfect blend of indie rock and melodic psychedelia. Their sweet vocals, layered over powerful guitar riffs and drum solos, create an elusive sound that fans just can’t get enough of.

Illiterate Light photographed by Cali Ca
Illiterate Light photographed by Cali Ca

Photos by Cali Cardenas

The night began with the opening act, Camp Howard, a self-proclaimed rock loving band that was worthy of all the applause they received. With epic dance moves and moody lighting, Camp Howard was a punk rock dream. Originally hailing from Richmond, Virginia, the band dropped their first album in 2016, and their following has been steadily growing ever since. Known for their smooth vocals and repeated melodic changes, Camp Howard is a unique musical group and a definite must-see. Their set featured several tracks from their 2019 album Cañón, which was released this past October. They wowed the crowd with their mix of Spanish lyrics and their frequent guitar and vocal changes. The group of four put on an amazing show that had the entire audience dancing and ready for what was to come. 

Following the opening performance, Illiterate Light’s appearance on stage was met with strong applause. Their set began with flashing lights and hard-hitting drums, preparing the audience for the epic show in store. They performed several songs from their new self-titled album, which was released in 2019, as well as some fan favorites from their 2019 EP, Sweet Beast.


The excitement from selling out the Great Scott made it a very special occasion, and the duo performed with an exuberant energy. Some of their most energetic performances included songs like Carolina Lorelei, I Wanna Leave America, and Sometimes Love Takes So Long. Most of the crowd were avid fans of the band, many seeing them live for the fourth or fifth time. The excitement grew as the show progressed, leading to several guitar solos and a mosh pit.


They ended the night with one of their most popular songs, Here Lie The Bones Of My Favorite Car, which was dedicated to Gorman’s 2009 Subaru Forester. The lively show was surely a special night for any indie rock lover. But worry not, they plan to be back soon!