mxmtoon Brings the masquerade to The Sinclair

November 19, 2019 | By Sanya Mittal

Armed with her ukulele and a tiny cowboy hat, Maia, also known as mxmtoon, performed to a crowd of adoring fans at the Sinclair on Nov. 8. The small venue provided an intimate setting that matched Maia’s bedroom pop music style. The 19-year-old started releasing her own music in 2017, and within just two years, has amassed a following of fans. 


Maia started the night with tracks off her first album the masquerade, released this past September. Following her first song of the night, blame game, Maia performed unspoken words, urging the crowd to sing along with her. She started the next track, suffice, with an anecdote, telling the crowd she often writes about having a crush on someone and doing nothing about it, and that suffice was about just that. 

mxmtoon - press photo 5 [PC - Nicole Bus

Photo Courtesy of Nicole Busch

Coming from California, Maia commented on how cold Boston was. Her next song, seasonal depression, is about the feeling she gets when winter is approaching — how the hours of lost sunlight affect her mentality. She followed with a new rendition of late nights, which she wrote when she first started releasing music in 2017. This updated version, she said, is what she had imagined the song would sound like when she first wrote it. 


Maia performed her next track, high & dry, and told the audience to think of someone they dislike, someone who doesn’t give them the same energy they give them. She then asked the crowd if it was okay if she played a few acoustic songs. Her drummer and guitarist left the stage and she stood with just her ukulele. She started her acoustic set with cliché, a track released on her 2017 EP plum blossom. Maia followed the upbeat number with a slower tune, feelings are fatal, released on the same EP. “When you entered this venue, you entered the emo zone!” Maia said, referring to her more somber releases, causing the audience to laugh. She slowed things down further with porcelain, a song about facing her insecurities. She told the crowd it was one of the first songs she wrote that she was truly proud of, and encouraged everyone to keep working toward the things they love. 


With the next track, feel like chet, the guitarist and drummer returned to the stage. Maia asked the fans to sing the backup vocals, which they did with ease. She performed my ted talk next, commenting on how she loves to talk and sing, which inspired her to write the song. 


Maia then asked the audience members if they all had flashlights on their phones. The crowd waved them in the air as she sang untitled, an emotional song off her recent album. She followed this with dream of you, snapping her fingers and dancing as she sang. She then sadly announced that she would be playing her last song. She didn’t introduce it, instead, telling the crowd that they all knew what it would be. To no one’s surprise it was prom dress, a single off the masquerade that was released prior to the album. The disco ball in the middle of the venue turned on, the absence of light making it seem as if the venue had been transported to a high school prom. She left the stage with a grin, telling the crowd, “If you chant loudly enough in unison, I might have one more in me!” Without further ado, the crowd cheered “Maia!” until she came back out, the smile still wide on her face. She ended the night with Falling for U, a song released in 2017 as a collab with Japanese artist Peachy! “We had to do Falling for U,” she shouted as she came back on stage.


After the song ended, Maia thanked the crowd one last time. Her energy inspired the crowd, her presence endearing and warm, despite the freezing temperatures outside. She promised that although this was her first time in Boston, she will certainly be back — and soon.