Northeastern Student Sidney Gish Sells Out The Sinclair

October 7, 2019 | By Levi Kaplan, Photos by Audrey Berlin

Indie rock sensation and Northeastern student Sidney Gish electrified a sold-out and ecstatic crowd on Oct. 29 at The Sinclair in Cambridge. Gish’s solo-act was a deep and personable reflection of her and her music. The performance lacked flashy lights and supporting band members, but this did not detract from her show as her individual talent and charisma easily kept the audience engaged throughout the evening. The crowd not only loved and adored Gish, but connected with her on a deep level. Many audience members sang along with Gish, even holding up triangles during her performance of Sin Triangle and singing through the guitar solos on Imposter Syndrome.


Photos by Audrey Berlin

Sidney Gish is a one-person band, and she uses foot petals to record and loop beats on her guitar, and then plays and sings over the recordings. She did this during her performance, making it all the more intimate, as she was creating the tracks live and on her own. Audience members were able to watch her play every note and beat that went into her music. Gish’s lyrics also made her performance personal, as they describe her struggles and triumphs throughout her years as a singer-songwriter.

Gish also incorporated her own personality and humor into her set, interacting with the crowd between songs. At one point, Gish detailed how her setlist was on her arm because she “can’t lose her arm,” and she also expressed a desire to have a ‘Jeopardy pedal’ play background music during her tuning sessions. Her banter had the crowd laughing and made them even more excited to listen to her songs to come.


Photos by Audrey Berlin

The two openers, The Michael Character, a punk rock band with a reverberating sound and presence, and Squitch, a more melancholic alternative group, were passionate bands that energized the audience with their belting lyrics and unique guitar riffs. Squitch switched its lead singer halfway through their set, and the bassist became the frontman, changing the vibe and feeling of the band entirely. Their drummer demonstrated his skills through unique, catchy beats, leaving the crowd excited for the main act.