Pete Davidson Performs Stand up at Blackman

February 11, 2018 | By Gianna Barberia

“Sorry, I’m not Ansel Elgort,” the Saturday Night Live star joked.


Casually clad in Adidas joggers and a white sweatshirt, Pete Davidson had no prepared bit. Instead, he went off the cuff, interacting with the audience, looking for joke ideas on the Notes section of his iPhone, and taking the occasional Juul break — his favorite flavor being Virginia Tobacco because it tastes the most like cigarettes.


Davidson performed to a full crowd at Northeastern University’s Blackman Auditorium on Thursday, Feb. 8 as a part of Alpha Epsilon Pi’s, commonly called AEPi’s, Comedy Night. He said that he was excited to perform for the social fraternity, which is historically Jewish because he recently found out that he was 40 percent Jewish himself. However, he poked fun at the boys for referring to themselves as the “Jew frat,” and joked about Northeastern and Boston as a whole.


“Is this school a good school?” Davidson asked. “Do you have to be smart to be here? This [school] looks like something I wouldn’t get into.”


He riled up the crowd when he mentioned that Northeastern’s mascot is unoriginal since it is the same mascot as the University of Connecticut, invoking shouts from the audience about how Northeastern had the mascot first.


“A husky?” Davidson said. “Oooo how original.”


Throughout the night, Davidson spoke candidly about a multitude of topics including his hatred for “Hamilton: An American Musical” (even though he described himself as “woke”), his most popular Saturday Night Live sketches, his girlfriend’s father and famous comedian Larry David, and the lack of beef between members of the cast (“This is not ‘90s hip-hop,” Davidson said). 


No subject was off-limits for Davidson. Although he sometimes said he shouldn’t tell certain jokes because they were too inappropriate, he easily gave in each time after cheers and encouragement from the crowd. 


At the audience’s request, Davidson pulled up his pants to reveal the Hillary Clinton tattoo on his leg, which he had done this past December.


“That’s all it takes to get death threats,” Davidson said, referring to the tattoo


After an audience member asked him to perform his famous dorm room bit, in which Davidson describes the struggles of living with three other boys in one room, the comedian ended the show by playing a recording of his comedy special from his phone into the microphone while taking long and dramatic puffs of his Juul.