Sully Barrett, Deputy Editor

Sully is a second-year Media and Screen Studies major minoring in Linguistics and English. As a writer/filmmaker, his work focuses on telling stories and magnifying voices around the world. This summer, he directed a short documentary in London about the cultural impact of gin distillation in the UK, and he worked with the Boston International Film Festival last spring. He is now a consultant at the Writing Center and will be on co-op next spring, where he intends to work on media production with a social advocacy group or news agency. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Sully moved to Boston in fall 2018. His favorite movie is 2001: A Space Odyssey, and he’s watched Breaking Bad an estimated twelve times. He listens to all kinds of music but prefers rap, jazz and indie rock. When not writing or filming, he can be found reading, hiking, painting and enjoying the outdoors.