Troye Sivan Brings Sea of Flowers to Wang Theatre

October 14, 2018 | By Christian Kwok

Donning pride flags and fluorescent makeup, concert-goers rumbled in anticipation for the three names boldly outlined in white on the shimmering Wang Theatre billboard, located in Boston’s lively theatre district on Oct. 12. The crowd’s enthusiasm was for openers Leland and Kim Petras, and headliner, Troye Sivan. All identify with the LGBTQ community and are touring together as part of The Bloom Tour.


Dressed in a pale, dark red suit, headliner Troye Sivan swiftly ran out from behind the curtains to the beat of “Seventeen,” setting precedent for what would be a dazzling performance over the course of the night. To the crowd’s approval, Sivan began to sing a few bars of the song, only to awkwardly run behind the theatre’s velvet curtains. The lights dimmed for a second, but Sivan didn’t miss a beat. Amidst the confusion, the curtains dropped, exposing the entirety of the stage with Sivan and his live band. With even more excitement, both Troye and everyone in the crowd sang to “Seventeen’s” reveling lyrics.


Photo Courtesy of  Lauren Zaknoun

Sivan’s blonde hair swayed just as enthusiastically as the crowd’s dancing; the upbeat vibe of “Bloom” and “Fools,” and his animated persona captivating fans. This same poise effortlessly dictated the attitude of both the stage and the audience; one of pure, raw fun. In a much needed break, Sivan switched up his set, moving away from his faster tempo songs and diving right into a more emotional track, as the opening lines of “Heaven” began to play. To his disbelief, the crowd responded by illuminating paper cut-outs with their phones, creating a sea of colorful flowers, swaying to the song’s slow tempo. The scene was moving for Sivan, as “Heaven” was about his coming-out experience. He invited the creators of the idea onstage, taking videos with them as the flowers continued to sway in the background.


“Heaven” gave the audience a bit of a breather, but Troye picked up right where he left off, mixing in bops such as “Swimming Pools,” “Bite,” and his newly released single with Charli XCX, “1999,” to the crowd’s approval.


With Sivan disappearing once again behind the stage, the showstopper came when the curtains opened to reveal a living room setup. Several dim bedroom lamps and a coffee-colored couch slowly emerged from the stage floor, creating a setting that resonated deeply of home. The spotlight shined to reveal Sivan and a member of his band lying on the couch, as the chords to “Postcard” began to play. Both would trade off from verse to verse, imitating a conversation from Sivan’s personal life. The mood of the crowd again turned from the uptempo beats of “Dance to This,” to a melancholy tone. From the first note to the last, “Postcard” and “The Good Side” delivered a humbling, yet relatable heartbreak experience for all.


With his vivacious attitude, however, Sivan wasn’t closing out on a sad note. Inviting the crowd to dance with him, he ended his set with four bona fide upbeat songs: “Dance to This,” “Animal,” “Youth,” and a club-rendition of his most popular single off of the Bloom album, “My! My! My!”


He left the stage promising to come back to Boston soon, waved goodbye, and finally disappeared behind the curtains for the last time.


Before Troye’s performance, singer-songwriter Leland, noted for his involvement in writing songs for pop stars such as Allie X, Selena Gomez, and Troye Sivan himself, warmed up the audience. He played some of his unreleased songs, including “Another Lover” and “Middle of a Heartbreak,” and ended his set with “Mattress,” the song that established his career as a solo artist.


Kim Petras, known for undergoing a gender transition at a young age, also served as an opening act. The L.A. based pop star leaped on stage with her blonde hair styled in its signature side bun position; her unabashed pop sound pulsating around the theatre walls. Petras performed some of the singles that established her as Paper Magazine’s “Most Likely to Dominate the Pop Charts” including “I Don’t Want It At All,” “Heart to Break,” and “Hillside Boys.” In addition, she also performed songs from her Halloween themed mixtape, “TURN OFF THE LIGHT, VOL. 1.” Her set closed with a booming applause as she thanked the crowd in her stocky black boots.