Sirens, Geometry, and Synth: Two Door Cinema Club’s Dynamic Performance

September 25, 2019 | By Levi Kaplan

On Sept. 16, Irish alternative-pop staple Two Door Cinema Club packed House of Blues, electrifying the venue with blinding geometric patterns and body-pounding bass. Siren lights revolved above the stage as the three-person phenomenon, consisting of Sam Halliday, Kevin Baird, and Alex Trimble, made their appearance. From the get-go, the music pulsed through synthesizers, bass guitar, and keyboard. Halliday and Baird were positioned in the back corners of the stage on raised platforms, while Trimble stood front and center — clearly the face of the band. He established and maintained the high-energy, dynamic, and quirky nature of the show, which matched the music phenomenally. Hair closely shaved, wearing a yellow turtleneck and a blue blazer, and blinking infrequently on some occasions, Trimble was an odd yet perfect fit for the band’s frontman. 


Photo Courtesy of DawBell Ltd.

During their performance of Satellite from their new album False Alarm, monotone sections of the song were played alongside zoomed-in visuals of a blue and yellow clock, which ticked to the beat. When the more upbeat sections of the track were heard, the clock’s hammer vibrated between the bells of the alarm. These striking and mesmerizing visuals were a common theme throughout the show, as rotating squares, bars, shrinking lines, and pulsating waves were displayed. Almost all were dichromatic, providing a dynamic and fascinating light show to watch. The visuals shown moved and changed to the music as different verses were sung, giving the show rhythm and making it even easier to dance. The band moved back and forth from playing fan favorites like Undercover Martyn and What You Know to playing tracks from their newest album, such as Once and Dirty Air. This gave the crowd a balance of the new and the more familiar, and all of the songs were brought to life by Trimble’s energy. It was a show that passed by in a flash — the lights, vocals, geometric patterns, and bumping beats gave the audience a memorable, thrilling, and profoundly Two Door Cinema Club experience

The night opened with an all-woman alternative rock band, Overcoats. This four-person group made a name for themselves and stood out as a memorable contribution to the show with their onstage chemistry and impressive harmonization. Throughout their performance, rock-and-roll drum beats and energetic music painted over lyrics that expressed shattered relationships and lost love. The lyrics acted as a somber contrast to the high-energy performance. The two lead singers had an incredible connection onstage, and at one point, they were both arm in arm, singing into each other’s mics. It was through this collaboration on stage, and through their beautiful harmonizations, that they captured the attention of the crowd and made the audience want more, despite the impressive headliner to follow them up. Both bands stole the show — and kept the audience satisfied all night long.