Broadway's Finest Villains on this Hallow's Eve

October 31, 2020 | By Rachel Erwin

Looking for some new music to listen to this spooky season? Broadway’s finest villains have something to offer. Here are 12 of our best picks! 


Illustration by Norman Zeng

1. “Killer Instinct” - Bring it On: The Musical 

Eva plots to take over fellow cheerleader Campbell’s life. She will stop at nothing, including stealing her boyfriend and her cheer captain title. A great alternative for Mean Girls lovers who are looking to switch up their playlist, this song will be stuck in your head for days. 


2. “This Jesus Must Die” - Jesus Christ Superstar

A group of Pharisees decides that Jesus must die in this Andrew Lloyd Webber hit. If you’re looking for a menacing tune, this one’s for you!


3. “The World According to Chris” - Carrie

Already a classic Halloween tale, Carrie is an excellent choice for a creepy celebration. Chris and her friends plan to dump pig’s blood on Carrie at their prom. 


4. “I Will Prevail” - Wonderland

The Mad Hatter takes the stage as the villain in this twist on Alice in Wonderland. Kate Shindle’s voice is sure to impress. 


5. “Dangerous Game” - Jekyll and Hyde

Though this one is a duet between Lucy, a non-villain, and Hyde, it is one of the most chilling songs in the show. Lucy is seduced by Hyde, but little does she know that he will end up murdering her. 


6. “It’s a Privilege to Pee” - Urinetown

Many would argue that Pennywise is not the villain in this show, and they would be right. However, at this point in the plot, she still works for the villain, and she sings an unforgettable song about having to pay to use the toilets.

Broadway Villians-02.jpg

Illustration by Norman Zeng

7. “Always a Woman” - 9 to 5

Franklin Hart is a “sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.” He sings this while swinging from the ceiling, tied up with a garage door opener. One of the funnier options on this list, this song is a bop, despite the character’s misogynistic intentions. 


8. “Still” - Anastasia

This one is worth a listen purely to hear Ramin Karimloo’s angelic voice. Trust me, you will not regret it. His character is tasked with killing Anya if she is the long lost Anastasia, and he must decide if this is the right thing to do. 


9. “Forever Yours (Reprise)” - Once on This Island 

You should definitely listen to the revival cast version for this one. Though the original is great, casting a woman as Papa Ge was a stroke of genius, and Merle Dandridge’s delivery is both powerful and terrifying. 


10. “Me” - Beauty and the Beast”

If you have only seen the Beauty and the Beast movie, you have missed out on this hilarious Gaston solo. 


11. “Meant to Be Yours” - Heathers 

Arguably the most chilling song on this list, “Meant to Be Yours” is JD’s explosive plea to Veronica to join him in his quest to bomb their high school. You might be checking your locks twice after listening to this one. 


12. “Little Girls” - Annie

No Broadway villains list would be complete without mentioning “Little Girls,” the quintessential evil hit. Miss Hannigan is one of the most recognizable Broadway villains, and I bet you already know the words to this one.