A Soulful Sunday With X-Ambassadors

February 21, 2018 | By Sophie Cannon

Photos by Sophie Cannon

It was a night full of deep messages and heartfelt dedications at the House of Blues this President's day weekend, as X-Ambassadors spoke to the sold-out venue in-between songs. 


The energetic nature of their discology was luckily not as somber as the messages, and instead was enhanced by the impassioned crowd.


Frontman Sam Harris touched on specific issues as a lead in to many songs. To lead into the 2015 hit “Low Life,” Harris catered to the college-aged and above crowd with a relatable experience. 


“Maybe you stayed out with your friends the night before, and you wake up in the morning, your head hurts, your body hurts, your pride hurts a lil bit too?” he asked the crowd. “Going to the bathroom, you look in the mirror and don't like what you see? To anyone here tonight who has ever felt this way, ‘Low Life’ is here tonight, and this song is for you.”  


Harris also mentioned some more recent events, dedicating their debatably most popular song “Unsteady” to the victims and heroes of the Florida shooting. 


“17 people,” Harris said. “It’s not right. We need stricter gun control in this country or this is gonna happen over and over again.” 

Instead of simply dedicating a song to the memory of the tragedy however, Harris declared a call to action as well, a vow to be at the March 24 “March for Our Lives” protest for gun control in Washington D.C., encouraging the audience to make the trip down there with him. 


From serious topics of the world to more intimate moments, Harris’ songs take a calculated and deep look into life’s experiences. Harris spoke about a relationship with his friend that ended on bad terms (“Hold You Down”) and a love ballad dedicated to his wife who leaves him breathless even after five years (“R.I.P”) all while making sure the audience was paying attention to the last lyric. 


X-Ambassadors also used this tour, as many bands do, to show off some new music from “Joyful,” the yet to be released album for 2018. The setlist incorporated the new hits throughout the night, starting the night off with “Don’t Stay,” and then running through “Ahead of Myself,” “Joyful,” the namesake of the album and the tour, and finally “Torches” as an encore song. Although they were new, the audience sang the lyrics to all four tracks without missing a beat — a true sign of a captivated and dedicated fan base.


To close the night and provide a bit of humor for the ride home, Harris admitted a secret. The reason for his mid-set outfit change? 


“Full disclosure, I ripped a massive hole in my pants,” Harris said. “Hence the wardrobe change, but I guess if I didn’t say anything you wouldn't have noticed!”